GOswim Program

Learn to swim at SWELL Palmerston

SWELL Palmerston is proud to deliver the innovative GOswim program to students, families and the community in Palmerston and surrounding Darwin areas from January 2024.

Powered by Swimming Australia, GOswim focuses on contemporary, experiential, activity based learning as a fun and engaging way for kids and adults to learn to swim and be safe around water. GOswim swimming lessons empower students to think, discuss and decide whilst having fun in and around water.

At SWELL Palmerston, GOswim swimming lessons are run in small graded classes with a fully trained swimming teacher year round.

GOswim Program

The GOswim Program at SWELL Palmerston runs for 48-weeks throughout the year, with a 4 week break for Christmas Holidays. Allowing you to secure your spot all year long and receive the GOswim membership benefits including unlimited pool access outside of lessons, 4 weeks of family swim access over the summer break and enrolment in our GOswim Holiday Program.

Lessons cater for:

  • Infant & Pre-school - designed for babies 6 months to 5 years attending with their parents/guardians to become familiar, comfortable and confident in and around the water.
  • Primary - designed for students 5 years and older, each level has fun relatable characters to help students engage and recognise their progress through the program. 
  • Adults - designed for adults and teens aged 16+ to help build important skills and confidence in, on and around water.
  • Developmental Squads - Our GOswim Academy bridges the gap between swimming lessons and Squads, perfect for students wanting to continue swimming training for fitness, fun or for school or club competition. 

GOswim Curriculum

The curriculum covers five areas of learning. These areas are combined and presented as activities to enhance the students learning and development.

Key learning areas include: 

  • Safe entries and exits
  • Balance, movement and recovery 
  • Breath control, submersion and readiness 
  • Water safety 
  • Swimming stoke development

GOswim Membership Inclusions

Whether you decide to join us for one or more lessons per week, we are here to support you and your development of water safety.

  • Weekly Lessons Enjoy weekly swimming lessons all year round.
  • Easy and Affordable Payments With weekly payments, swimming lessons are more affordable and can be easily managed with our direct debit system.
  • Ongoing Enrolment Preventing the need to re-enrol each term and offering you a preferred lesson time.
  • Integrated App Communicate and stay in touch with student’s progression, learning activities and outcomes via our Membership App, Active World.
  • PLUS, One Week Holiday Swim Program Get exclusive access to 5 consecutive days of lessons during our summer holiday program in January* each year. (*from 2025)


  • Lessons: Lessons start from $20.00 per lesson

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